About us


ANRO FLEXO is a printing house specialising in flexo labels on various materials. Since 1996, we print high quality paper and foil labels, utilising diverse materials and modern enrichment technologies.
Printing house ANRO FLEXO provides a complex offer of self-adhesive labels:

  • We design – modern label designs
  • We verify – the accuracy of graphic files
  • We advise – the best solutions for our client in regards to materials and enrichment technologies.
  • We print – highest quality image created on presses such as MPS, Gallus Heidelberg and Mark Andy
  • We deliver – ready products directly to our client.

ANRO FLEXO is a part of a family-owned ANRO Group. We specialise in printing technology since 1985. We work in a few different fields:

  • We print safety signage, industrial markings and offer professional solutions within the Health and Safety market – www.anro.net.pl
  • We offer a system of lockout/tagout tags for maintenance services – www.blokadylockout.pl
  • We provide large-sized high quality printing services and original wall decor – www.anro.net.pl
  • We produce tailored labels on various materials – www.labels.anro.net.pl